Fallen Realms

Attack on the Inn

Our heroes meet...

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Year 100, Higharverstide

Kraven, Morgue, and Valis all arrive in the town of Waymoot around the time of the Highharvest Festival.  An old gnome woman, Illian Greywing, insists on telling Morgue's fortune using her Decktet cards, revealing that she can see much of Morgue's secret past, as well as giving ominious hints of what is to come.  


The silence after her reading is broken by the tolling of alarm bells as a group of goblins raids Waymoot.  The three heroes defend the Golden Swallow Inn, but the goblins manage to drag off a few residents.  Audhild Balderk, the daughter of the captain of the guard, arrives in time to see the heroes in action, and thanks them for their help.  When her father, Baern, arrives to tell her that the mayor's son has been kidnapped the heroes follow to offer their assistance.  


Rondell Panath, the mayor, is skeptical of the strangers, but Audhild speaks of their bravery, and she and her father point out that the town cannot spare any of its guards given the current danger.  The heroes are given three horses and provisions, and ride out at night in pursuit of the goblins.

The trio comes across a camp of five goblins.  After some failed scouting by Kraven, the heroes defeat the goblins, getting some information from one before dispatching him.  They ride on a bit further before camping for the night.



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