Audhild Balderk

Female Fighter from Waymoot


The daughter of the Baern Balderk, Audhild left Waymoot after Kel-Roth and his minions sacked the town and killed her father.


Audhild saw the heroes helping at the Goldenswallow Inn during the goblin raid, and spoke highly of them to Rondall when they offered to help recover the kidnapped citizens. When Kel-Roth surrounded the town, she helped the heroes escape through the hidden passage beneath the town. She hid from the dragonkin while her father and the mayor were tortured and killed, then fled north. in Tyrlock she met up with the resistance and saw first hand how Kel-Roth was tightening control in the city, then traveled to Cain Cymor where updated the heroes about what had happened in their absence.

Audhild Balderk

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