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In the year 1489 DR, the Cult of the Dragon attempted to raise the primordial dragon goddess, Tiamat.  

The greatest heroes of Faerun rose to the challenge and threw themselves selflessly into the battle against the agents of evil, facing great dangers to vie against the wicked wizards who would unleash chaos and destruction upon the world.

There are countless iterations of Faerun across the alternate planes.  In almost all of these, the heroes rose to the challenge.  Many suffered, some even gave up their lives, but in the end, they were triumphant. Tiamat did not rise again.  Evil was defeated.  The adventurers reaped great rewards, and moved on to new battles, their names now part of the immortal songs sung by countless bards, the lands of Faerun safe until the next threat.

But not in this reality.

In this reality, the heroes failed.  The Cult of the Dragon’s plot was successful, and the five headed monstrosity, the queen of the fell dragons, Tiamat, was freed from the depths of Hell.

Many campaigns pit Adventurers against evil monsters and minions attempting to conquer or destroy the world.  It is generally assumed that the heroes are triumphant.  They may suffer setbacks and defeats, but in the end they defeat evil and save the world.  They are, after all, heroes.

But what if they lost?  What if evil DID conquer the world?  Would that mean the end of stories and heroes?  

Or would it merely mean the beginning of a new sort of hero?

Welcome to a shattered Faerun, where Tiamat and her minions rule most of the Known World.  Welcome to a world where magic and magic users are persecuted and distrusted, and where the shattered remnants of human, elves, and dwarves huddle in the shadows of reptilian wings. Welcome to a world in more dire need of heroes than ever before.


Fallen Realms